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Ultimate sled

Ultimate sled: Straight wooden sleds with a backrest and seat with webbing material and a string with a handle – the pinnacle of innovation and comfort among wooden sleds. San-Drew, a recognized manufacturer of high-quality sleds, presents the Ultimate model, which is the quintessence of perfection in the field of winter fun. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern conveniences, these sleds guarantee an unparalleled snow experience.

Using only selected beech wood, the Ultimate sled offers both durability and lightness, which is essential for ease of use. Painting with clear varnish not only protects the material, but also highlights the natural beauty of the wood, adding an elegant look to the sled.

Technical data

  • Length: 88-90 cm
  • Width: 33 cm
  • Height: 37 cm

Comfort and safety

Backrest: Designed for maximum comfort and safety, it provides stable support during descents.
Webbing Seat: Adds an extra layer of comfort by insulating from cold snow and providing soft support.
Drawstring Handle: Allows the sled to be easily guided, offering added control and safety in busy areas.

Safety cerificate

Being certified to European standards confirms that the Ultimate sled meets the highest safety standards, which is key to ensuring peace of mind during winter fun.

Contact us

If you are interested in the Ultimate sled or would like to learn more about our offer, please contact us. San-Drew guarantees high quality and satisfaction with every purchase. Choose the Ultimate sled and experience winter at its best!