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Straight sled with backrest

A straight sled with a backrest with a string and a handle – classic and safe for every winter adventure. At San-Drew, as a manufacturer of high-quality wooden sleds, we offer straight sleds with a backrest that combine traditional design with modern solutions for comfort and safety.

Technical data

  • Length: 88-90 cm
  • Width: 33 cm
  • Height: 37 cm

Workmanship and materials

Our sleds are made of the best type of beech wood, known for its strength and durability. Beech wood makes the sled not only solid, but also light, which is important for ease of use by children and adults. The sled is varnished with a clear varnish, which additionally protects the wood against moisture and damage, while emphasizing its natural beauty. The Plus model is equipped with a pusher, which significantly facilitates the maneuvering of the sled and increases safety during walks and descents. A string with a handle allows you to easily pull the sled, providing control over the direction of travel.

Safety and comfort

The backrest provides additional support, ensuring safety and stability for the youngest users. The sled is also equipped with a string with a handle, which makes it easier to both pull the sled and control it during descents. The sled is certified according to European standards.

Contact us

At San-Drew, we care about the highest quality of our products and customer satisfaction. We encourage you to contact us to obtain additional information about straight sleds with a backrest and other models from our offer. Choose a sled from San-Drew and enjoy unforgettable moments in the snow!