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Advertising deckchair

Advertising Deckchair – a combination of functionality and an effective marketing message. At San-Drew, as a renowned manufacturer of wooden deckchairs, we offer a unique opportunity to combine relaxation with the promotion of a brand or event. Our advertising deckchair is the perfect tool to stand out in public spaces, at events, beaches or gardens.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: Width: 57 cm / Canvas length: 105 cm
  • Material: High-quality beech wood
  • Seat: High quality fabric, strong, breathable polyester/cotton
  • Colors and patterns: Available in various colors and patterns, adapted to individual preferences.
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01 – sandrew – _N_15154
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Features and benefits:

  • High visibility: The advertising deckchair is an excellent surface for displaying a logo, advertising slogan or graphics, ensuring effective promotion on a large scale.
  • Durability of the material: Made of high-quality, knot-free beech wood, it not only ensures an aesthetic appearance, but also guarantees long-term use even in difficult outdoor conditions.
  • Professional finish: Carefully polished and rounded wooden elements guarantee user safety, and the solid frame construction ensures the stability and durability of the deckchair.
  • Backrest adjustment: The ability to adjust the backrest angle in three degrees allows you to use the lounger comfortably, adapting it to your individual needs.
  • Easy storage: The foldable mechanism makes it easier to store and transport the deckchair, which is important in the context of promotional and advertising events.


Our advertising loungers offer almost unlimited personalization possibilities. We use the latest screen printing, digital printing and sublimation techniques to ensure high quality and durability of prints. This is an ideal solution for companies and brands that want to increase their recognition and build a positive image.

San-Drew – Your Deckchair Manufacturer

Please contact us to learn more about our products and personalization options. San-Drew is a guarantee of quality, durability and unforgettable relaxation.