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Polyester cutting

At San-Drew, we understand the importance of precision and quality in every dimension of our work. Our specialized service of cutting polyester beams into smaller pieces is a perfect example of our commitment to providing first-class solutions. Thanks to our advanced machinery and extensive experience, we are able to meet even the most complex projects and requirements of our customers.

What we offer?

Our polyester cutting services are aimed at a wide range of customers, from the advertising industry to the manufacturing and decorative industries. Using the latest cutting technologies, we guarantee clean and straight edges and repeatability of dimensions, which is crucial for mass production and unique projects.

Use of cut polyester:

  • Advertising: billboards, display elements, spatial letters.
  • Construction: Insulation, infill, decorative and structural elements.
  • Design and Decoration: Decorative elements, wall panels, interior accessories.

Why you should choose San-Drew?

  • Precision: Our machines are calibrated to ensure the highest accuracy in cutting the entire polyester fabric beam.
  • Versatility: We can cut polyester fabric bales of different thicknesses and sizes, adapting to project needs.
  • Speed: We understand the value of our customers’ time, so we offer short lead times.
  • Advice: Our team of experts can assist you at every stage – from design to final execution.

We look forward to working with you

Let our experience and technology help realize your polyester project. At San-Drew, we treat every task with the utmost care to provide our customers with products and services that exceed expectations. Welcome to the place where precision meets capability.