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How to choose the perfect deckchair for your garden?

Choosing the perfect lounger for your garden is a decision that can significantly affect the quality of your outdoor recreation. A lounger not only adds to the beauty of the space in which it is located, but also provides a place for relaxation and unwinding. In order to make the best choice, there are a few key aspects to consider that will help match the lounger to your individual needs and lifestyle.

1. Material

Wooden deck chairs are prized for their natural appearance, durability and eco-friendly nature. When choosing wood, pay attention to its weather resistance and ease of maintenance. Teak, acacia or eucalyptus wood are popular choices for their durability and beauty.

2. Type

  • Classic wooden deckchairs are versatile and fit into any garden. Their simple form promotes relaxation and easily blends in with different styles of outdoor spaces.
  • Deckchairs with an armrest offer extra comfort and support, allowing you to comfortably read a book or drink coffee.
  • Deckchairs with a drink holder is ideal for those who appreciate comfort and practicality when relaxing.
  • Double deckchairs are perfect for couples or those who want to spend time outdoors with a loved one, providing more space and comfort.
  • Promotional deckchairs can be a great addition to commercial spaces or as a promotional item, offering a personalized design.

3. Functionality and comfort

Consider whether you prefer recliners with adjustable backrests that allow you to change positions – from sitting to lying down. Also check whether the recliner is easy to move and fold, which is important if you plan to store furniture in the winter or need flexibility in space arrangements.

4. Style and aesthetics

When choosing a lounger, consider what style best suits your garden and home. Do you prefer modern, minimalist forms, or perhaps classic, rustic designs? The color of the wood and any accessories (like cushions) can add character and charm to your garden.

5. Durability and maintenance

Consider how much time and effort you are willing to devote to maintaining your recliner. Some types of wood require regular maintenance to maintain their appearance and durability, while others are more resilient to outdoor conditions.


When choosing the perfect deckchair for the garden, it is important to consider not only its appearance, but also its functionality, comfort of use and ease of maintenance. Remember that a well-chosen deckchair can serve you for many years, becoming an indispensable part of outdoor relaxation.